Board of Directors

From left to right:
Alexander Prisyazhnuk, Independent Board Member
David Hamid, Independent Board Member, Deputy Chairman of the Board
Christopher Parks, Board Member, Chief Financial Officer
Peter Györffy, Independent Board Member, Chairman of the Board
Walter Koch, Independent Board Member
Alexander Tynkovan, Board Member, CEO & President
Utho Creusen, Independent Board Member
Mikhail Kuchment, Independent Board Member
Pave l Breev, Board Member, Expansion Director

We established an informal advisory council in 2003, many of whose members were elected to the Board of Directors of the Company at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on February 27, 2007.’s Board of Directors has 9 members, six of whom are fully independent of the Company. Our Board members bring with them extensive experience of retailing, consumer electronics and supply chain.

At 31 December 2011 the Board of Directors was chaired by Peter Györffy, an independent director.

At this date other Board members included: Mr. Alexander Tynkovan, the Company’s founder and CEO, Mr. Pavel Breev, our Expansion Director and shareholder, Mr. Christopher Parks, CFO and independent directors Mr. David Hamid, Mr. Walter Koch, Mr. Alexander Prisyazhnuk, Mr. Utho Creusen and Mr. Michael Kuchment.

The Board of Directors, in accordance with the Russian Corporate Conduct Code and best practice, appointed an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee in June 2007. These committees are chaired and filled by independent Board members.