Corporate social responsibility

As we are the largest Russian retail chains in the consumer electronics and home appliances market, by revenue. We realize that the products we sell make people’s life more comfortable but may have an unpredictable impact on the environment.

Although our corporate color is red, we are essentially ‘green’ company and carefully assess the impact we will have on the environment. has 15,000+ employees with their own interests, attitude and outlook on life. But we all have one thing in common – we dream and we want to make this world a better place. once became the first nationwide retail chain which stopped sales of the incandescent lamps which may be replaced with the new high-quality energy-saving lamps and which stopped sales of CLR TV sets. We hold various campaigns encouraging our customers to trade-up and replace their old fashioned home appliances with the new energy-saving models.

We launched a number of initiatives in Russia which focused on waste cleaning and recycling support in the national reserve areas of Russia. The expedition of employees to Baikal Lake in 2010 became a starting point for the volunteer program in our Company. In 2011 we set up three expeditions: to the Altai Mountains, to Transbaikal and back to the Baikal areas. Our volunteers arrange clean-ups and eco-activities around the country. We also organize charity exhibitions, contests and fairs, and any money we receive is then matched by the Company and donated to orphanages. also runs a charitable foundation called “Our Initiative” which makes donations to a number of charities, orphanages, health care centers and educational projects across Russian Federation. In 2011 the Foundation launched a dedicated programme aimed to finance costly maxillofacial surgery operations for children born with congenital facial defects.